Joan D Gale

VP of Clinical Integration

Clinical and Administrative Foundation Ms. Gale started her clinical career in the 70s as a surgical assistant in the California market. In the early 80s in Texas, she held various positions in primary care, emergency room and rural hospital administration, where she was involved in development, operations and leadership roles serving a Hospital District Board.

Regulatory Oversight In the later 80s, Joan held adjunct positions with the Texas Medicaid Program contracted through EDS. There, she was involved with Federal and State agencies regarding new regulations, cases of fraud and abuse and statewide coding and billing education to various hospitals, physicians, home health, ambulance and other Medicaid providers.

Practice Management Operations and Consulting In the late 80s, Joan provided implementation and technical support to physician practices dealing with software conversions, work productivity and revenue cycle management across the United States. The across-state exposure greatly enhanced her diversification of regulations and performance optimization in various practice management specialties thus expanding her development and operational range in both rural, public and private sectors. For the last 10 years, Joan has focused her skills on the development and growth of PhyNet Inc., a large primary care group in East Texas. Her keen skills and insight include intuitive matching of providers to communities; adapting, starting and operating lean facilities with limited resources; streamlining clinical and business processes; and optimizing revenue, collections and the bottom-line

Clinical Transformation Joan’s many years of insight and experience in medical industry has prepared her to adapt and contribute quickly in a transforming market. Her new multi-disciplinary team approach has focused on the needs of the sickest patients before they reach a crisis and through early intervention and care planning. She has led the integration and interoperable work flow processes across the continuum of care, including home health, chronic care and other multidisciplinary functions as they relate to primary care as the core discipline.