A Powerful Advantage

A Powerful Advantage

Our powerful network not only allows our providers to connect, integrate and collaborate—it also gives them the tools they need to improve the quality of care while expanding their market reach and lowering costs.

The Triple Aim

PCM is working with our provider partners to build compliance, reduce physician liability and increase patient appreciation for a complete continuum of care. PCM is forging new relationships with affiliates who demonstrate their adherence and are committed to the idea of lowering healthcare costs while improving access to best in class care.

Through PCM’s network development, we are working with third party providers to build compliance, reduce physician liability and increase patient appreciation for our care coordination.

Practice Management

An efficient practice is an effective one, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive array of tools and solutions that can ensure a higher level of communication, connectivity and patient care. By tapping into the power of our programs and services portfolio, our partners have the tools they need to deliver a better quality of care, including:

Patient awareness & education

The process of wellness begins with education about the care team approach which will enhance the patient relationship and improve involvement and compliance.

Select Medicare Advantage brokerage network

Access to a personal patient advocate and an approved brokerage network that is trained to put the patient’s needs first.

Attribution campaigns to promote patient association

Reducing fragmentation and improving continuity of care through active campaigns and outreach to the patient.

Chronic care medical record platform

Provide a technology platform that maintain a longitudinal medical record, prompts intervention, schedules, and accounts for monthly care team activities.

Selecting the Right Insurance Coverage

Newly eligible and open enrollment meetings and mail campaigns regarding pros and cons of Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Supplemental insurance plans.

Population Health Management

Provide a compilation of aggregated health and claims data designed to analyze population trends, outliers. and utilization characteristics to identify and form improved care pathways.

Chronic risk assessment, stratification and planning

Provide both twelve month acute diagnostic and predictive assessments to report, prioritize and identify care management needs for near and long term care intervention.