• By joining PrimeCare Managers ACO, independent primary care practices will have an added advantage to flourish in the future, as health care payment evolves to a platform of volume and value. Our healthcare world view recognizes the power of primary care, aligned directly with payers such as Medicare and direct-to-employer relationships.

    Our Target Audience

    • Are you a primary care physician who needs size and leverage to meet Medicare minimum attribution in order to participate in an ACO?
    • Are your only alignment options with hospitals or multi-specialty groups?
    • Are you part of an ACO that has a flawed foundation or is poorly premised with a command and control of primary care motivation, with little hope of achieving savings — or if they do, it’s beset by financial incentives that are improperly structured to fairly reward primary care?

    Foundation, Culture and Values

    • A culture founded in primary care: we are primary care
    • A vision formed from business and economic industry principals
    • Businesspeople in health care, not health care businesspeople
    • Individual consumers and employers as key stakeholders
    • A patient-centric approach
    • A downstream delivery network formed from proven centers of best practice
    • An approach not controlled by “Noah’s Ark”-integrated delivery systems and shape-shifter models

    Core Beliefs and Strategic Focus

    • A primary-care-driven partnership model
    • A care pattern and delivery system that’s friendly to consumers
    • A belief that value-based models are new and being tested
    • A belief that opportunities exist for those doctors who engage
    • Independent, unaffiliated providers
    • Incentives that are 100-percent aligned with primary care
    • A support structure built to serve a broad geographic territory

    Development Approach

    • No cost to you
    • No need to change your EMR
    • No need to panic — you have time to do it right
    • A simple approach, no “technology race” involved
    • A complete package of resources, services and technology, customizable to market use cases
    • Ultimate goal: to advance the learning curve

  • PCM manages all aspects of an Accountable Care Organization.

    • Handles the forming and application process with CMS

    • Works with CMS to provide continuous, on-site practice transformation and support for doctors, nurses, and practice staff

    • Ensures all partner physicians meet necessary ACO, meaningful use, and EHR and quality reporting requirements

    • Provides customized technology to optimize existing EHRs and patient claims data

    • Creates software, platforms, and applications to assist with patient outreach, engagement, and treatment

    • Helps doctors build high-value referral networks

    • Identifies at-risk patients

    • Coordinates admission, discharge, and transfer status of patients

  • The Department of Health and Human Services announced in 2014 that Medicare will shift 50 percent of Medicare reimbursements towards alternative payment models like ACOs by 2018. Medicare Advantage payers are following by also shifting to value-based payments. In January 2015, the sustainable growth rate, or “SGR,” was replaced by Congress, which voted to give doctors a 5 percent bonus for participating in alternative Medicare payment systems like ACOs.

    An ACO is a new regulatory model which empowers primary care physicians to drive, define and capture the value they create for the health care system through enhanced patient access, identification of at-risk patients, care coordination, chronic disease management, prevention, and care team interventions to fill gaps in care. In an ACO, primary care physicians continue to receive payments for their services; plus, you get additional revenue by sharing any savings from fewer avoidable emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and unnecessary and potentially harmful procedures.

    PCM’s ACO empowers primary care physicians to remain independent, gain insight into their patients’ care, and share in the savings generated by their ACO. Doctors who work with PCM keep their independence — you are our partners. We are not consultants. We are not affiliated with any hospital or health system. Our interests are 100 percent aligned with our partner doctors; we succeed only when we help our practices generate shared savings.

  • PrimeCare Managers puts doctors back in control of healthcare. PCM partners with independent, primary care physicians. As an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), PCM provides care technology, business transformation services, and the upfront capital for independent physician practices to succeed in value-based health care.

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