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Learn how your practice can maintain independence, improve workflows, increase revenue, and provide better care for your patients.

In 2020 PrimeCare Managers was awarded 3.9 million in shared savings from CMS. 


• Network Empowerment – Remain independent by leveraging your participation with broader primary care.

• Increased Reimbursement – Ability to add care management fees to your portfolio.

• Robust Operations – Access to new lines of care services while reducing your overall operational costs.

• Access Workflow Tools – Access industry-leading protocols for quality outcomes and performance.


Interested in joining a progress MSSP? PrimeCare Managers Accountable Care organization has a proven track record for success. With a diverse group of more than 200 participants, PCM is expected to improve for the 2023 performance year. Discover the PrimeCare Managers Powerful Advantage; learn more at:

Contact Tom Stamper, VP of Network Development,

about opportunities to join: (903) 247-0484 X 238

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